Release 11

Our next release has just gone live.

New features

  • Crop approval flash alert for wranglers upon sign in
  • Added Bootstrap accessibility plugin

Technical improvements

  • Removed redundant code from our crowdfunder last year
  • Remove warnings and debugging puts from rspec output
  • Add capybara-screenshot to assist with feature testing
  • Use standardized & translateable strings for the photo show page
  • Stop hard-coding strings for pagination
  • Refactor photo controller create for readability
  • Updated Gemfile.lock for Code Climate inclusion
  • Add code climate to README
  • Add config/factory_girl.rb so that rspec doesn’t fail with a confusing ‘Could not find mapping for #<Member…’ error. This happens when you make significant changes to a controller then re-run rspec. It’s a Factory Girl / rspec caching issue. It’s only a problem for devs running rspec locally, not Travis.
  • Precompile css and js with sass
  • Moving database.yml and adding gitignore to make it easier for different dev setups
  • Issue 690 Switch on CMS and remove old files

Bug fixes

  • Aligned links properly on “Forgot password” page, “Resend confirmation” and “Resend unlock” pages
  • Add a location not set layout so that your profile page still looks sensible if you don’t have a location set
  • Display one line of description in harvest card, then go to ellipsis
  • Capture originalText from the button that’s been clicked, not from the array of all possible date-picker buttons.
  • Make seed card heading link to seed page and add owner link.
  • Set background color on autocomplete dropdown.
  • Swap over to having “(Optional)” (or translation) after optional form elements rather than using placeholder text, so it’s better for screenreaders
  • Clip long text in definition lists within panels
  • Improve nearby places links
  • Improve the styling of a planting to be more like the other card-layouts
  • Darken navbar item text when it opens (and the background turns light) to make it more readable
  • Fix mailchimp newsletter subscriptions - this won’t take effect until we have MailChimp working again, but when we do, it will allow us to send out newsletters to everyone.
  • Fix “duplicated key: :class” warning in HAML code
Written on June 1, 2016